Sequence Language-Independent Type for YAML™ Version 1.1

Working Draft 2005-01-18

Oren Ben-Kiki

Clark Evans

Brian Ingerson

This document may be freely copied provided it is not modified.


This specification is a draft reflecting consensus reached by members of the yaml-core mailing list. Any questions regarding this draft should be raised on this list.

1. Sequence







Collections indexed by sequential integers starting with zero. Example bindings include the Perl array, Python’s list or tuple, and Java’s array or vector.

Resolution and Validation:

This tag accepts all sequence values. It is is typically used as the fall-back tag for sequence nodes.

Example 1. !!seq Examples

# Ordered sequence of nodes
Block style: !!seq
- Mercury   # Rotates - no light/dark sides.
- Venus     # Deadliest. Aptly named.
- Earth     # Mostly dirt.
- Mars      # Seems empty.
- Jupiter   # The king.
- Saturn    # Pretty.
- Uranus    # Where the sun hardly shines.
- Neptune   # Boring. No rings.
- Pluto     # You call this a planet?
Flow style: !!seq [ Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,      # Rocks
                    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, # Gas
                    Pluto ]                           # Overrated