YAML External Resources

This page contains links to useful information for YAML users and framework developers. It will be continually updated over time.

The YAML Community

The YAML Community consists of its users (in day-to-day programming tasks and also as part of larger software projects), the implementers of YAML frameworks and YAML tools and the core YAML development team.

It should be noted that as of the time of the 1.2.2 spec revision, the YAML specification and reference projects are once again under active development. To find out how you can help, reach out to us via the resources listed below and also checkout our YAML Specification Contribution Guidelines1 page.

YAML Community Resources

  • YAML GitHub Organization

    The YAML specification and and other core YAML projects can all be found on GitHub under the yaml organization. This is the place to get the source code, report or fix bugs, and discuss YAML topics publicly.

  • Matrix Chat

    This is currently the most active space to engage with the YAML community in real time. Matrix (specifically the Element client) provides a very modern chat-room environment for phone and desktop. Matrix is open source, federated and end-to-end encrypted.

  • IRC

    The #yaml channel on the libera.chat network is a long-running place where YAML developers hang out and field user queries from time to time.

  • Twitter YAML News

    Follow us here to keep on the latest happenings in the life of YAML.

  • Mailing List

    YAML was originally designed by its creators almost entirely on this mailing list. These days the mailing list is really only used for major announcements.

YAML Web Sites

  • https://yaml.org

    This is the original web site where you can find the YAML Specifications and links to popular YAML frameworks and related projects. The front page is written as valid YAML!

  • https://yaml.com

    This site contains a YAML blog and the user and implementer YAML docs. The YAML specifications and RFCs are also published here.

  • https://yaml.io

    This is the site where the YAML language and related tools are developed. It has interactive playgrounds for testing and interacting with new YAML projects.

  • https://www.yaml.info/

    This web site offers various useful information for learning about YAML.